A Couple of Cool Dishes You Should Know How to Cook

A Couple of Cool Dishes You Should Know How to Cook

A Couple of Cool Dishes You Should Know How to Cook

People say there are some things you should already know how to do before stepping into your 30s, such as drive a car, know the ways of the airport, wash your own laundry and cook a good meal. Among these, there’s one we can help you with, no matter what your age is: cooking a hearty dish.

If you’re starting out a bit late in the cooking department, don’t worry–not everyone gets to have an opportunity to cook early on. That’s why we’ve come up with a couple of cool recipes that are easy to master, fast, beginner-friendly and require no special equipment aside from basic kitchen essentials. What’s more, any leftovers you may have can be used as foundation for other recipes. Let’s get started!

Roast Chicken

Foodies remark that roast chicken is essentially the culinary equivalent of the LBD, or little black dress, because it’s appropriate for any occasion be it a dinner party, a potluck or a family dinner. The perfect roast chicken is one that is moist, succulent and tender inside with a crispy skin on the outside.

Roasting chicken is also an economical way to cook, because the chicken can be transformed into many other dishes later. It’s also easy once you get the hang of it–like riding a bike. When you learn how to do it right, you’ll never go wrong ever again.

This roast chicken recipe calls for just four items: olive oil, pepper, salt and of course, chicken. Put a cast-iron skillet (make sure it’s big enough to hold a whole chicken) on a low rack in the oven and heat to 500 degrees. While preheating the skillet, rub the chicken with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Once the skillet is hot, place the chicken in breast side up. Roast at 500 degrees for the first 15 minutes before adjusting the temperature to 350 degrees. Keep roasting until the chicken turns golden brown. If you have a meat thermometer, roast until the meaty thigh part reads 155 to 165 degrees. If you don’t have one, just roast until the juices run clear when you pierce the chicken.

When done, tip the pan slightly to let the rest of the juices flow from the chicken into the pan. Transfer the meat to a platter and let it rest for a few minutes before carving and serving.

Savoury Stir-Fry

When you want variety on your weeknight dinners, go the tried-and-tested way: the stir fry way. It’s one dish, but as any cook can tell you, it can be a hundred others. You have an unlimited combination of options, whether you’re strictly vegan or love a dish with plenty of meat. Whether it’s chicken and mushrooms, beef with broccoli or mixed vegetables, you’ll never run out of ideas.

You don’t need a wok either, as a frying pan will do nicely. Here are 10 of the tastiest stir-fry dishes you can whip up in a few minutes.

  • Grains with shrimp and eggs
  • Asparagus with crispy shallots and bacon
  • Chicken and mushroom rice bowl
  • Pork with eggplant and beans
  • Lamb with yogurt and pomegranate
  • Beef jerky fried rice
  • Brussels sprouts and steak
  • Beef and shiitake
  • Pork tenderloin with chili sauce
  • Chicken with mixed vegetables
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