How to Save on Your Home Food Deliveries

home delivery

When the weekend is all you have for grocery shopping but the weekend crowd is not something you fancy yourself jostling with, getting your groceries delivered instead would be an excellent idea. If you’d rather do more important things than waiting for your turn at the checkout counter or spending it in traffic on the way back home, you can try out home food deliveries that will save you from the hassle of in-market grocery shopping.

Home food and grocery deliveries come in various forms. Some home food delivery services offer meals that are already cooked, while others will send you ingredients and meal preparation instructions. Both of these options will reduce your stress in the kitchen.

If you enjoy meal planning and preparing your meals yourself, another option is to have your groceries delivered on a weekly basis. Many supermarkets offer this service where you can choose from the thousands of items online, pay securely with your credit card and simply wait for your groceries to be delivered.

Whichever option you go for, food is an expense that takes up a big chunk of your monthly budget. Here are some tips on how you can save on your home food deliveries.

Use voucher codes

Voucher codes are a godsend for those looking to buy quality items at discounted prices. You can find these discount-giving codes at voucher sites that collect and compile promotions offered by various merchants in different categories. When looking for discount codes for Waitrose in particular, be sure to check out Total Discounts or other sites to get more off your food deliveries.

Before paying for purchases when shopping on the supermarket’s website, visit a voucher site and simply search for discount codes for that supermarket. Alternately, you can look for codes first to see which products are on discount–promotions and codes change on a regular basis, so you stand to get discounts on various products every time you shop. Copy the code and enter this at checkout to apply the discount specified on the code, pay for your purchase and you’re done!

Get free delivery

Many food delivery services offer free delivery when you spend a minimum amount on your orders. Getting your orders shipped to you at no cost is another way you can save on your home food delivery, so it’s best to plan your meals in advance, make a list of the grocery items you need and check their prices online to see if you’ll be able to reach the minimum spend for free delivery. If not, see which items you can buy in bulk–you’ll use them soon enough anyway.

Get money off future orders

Many home food and grocery delivery services have a customer reward programme where you can earn points for every purchase. Most, if not all, even give money off your first order when you register for membership, and even when you refer friends to sign up to the service. As a member, you are also entitled to special discounts and promotions that will help you save on your home food delivery expenses. The points you earn can be collected and converted into discounts toward future purchases. When you earn enough, you can essentially get grocery items for free!